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Weight Loss Plan

Subject: Colonel Mustard in the library with the knife...


Hi There (First name)


Julie from Lifeline.com here –inviting you to join me on a little trip down memory lane....


Remember that board game called “Clue”? My friends and I played it over and over when we were kids. In fact, we were obsessed with sleuthing. Ah, those were the days...

But then we grew up-- and the classic whodunnit was all but forgotten on a basement shelf.

I'll bet it was much the same for you.


Its funny. You know I never gave that game another thought. Until last night.


Right after dinner, my 10 year old daughter dragged out a dusty box and asked me if I wanted to play Clue! - Wow--what a hoot! I hadn't played this game since the Nixon administration! Of course I said I'd play—and we got busy setting up the board.


Now, as you know, the object of Clue is to correctly identify the suspect character, place of murder and weapon used--through deduction and the process of elimination.


Basically, it all boils down to guesswork—and if your guess is wrong, it can be very frustrating.

After all, you simply can't win without the right combination of pieces.


As we played (and I continued to lose) I realized that my frustration in choosing the wrong combination was much like the challenges dieters face.


Drowning in a tsunami of weight loss information, many are clueless when it comes to putting together the pieces that will help them succeed.


Wouldn't it be great if you could get access to the exact blueprint successful dieters use?




If you've been waiting patiently for a weight loss miracle—I've got great news for you!

Because I've stumbled upon what is perhaps the easiest and most comprehensive way to lose weight—and keep it off. The plan is called Lifeline and it gives you all the pieces you need to succeed—and shows you how to use them to stay lean for life.


Your Lifeline includes...



Isn't that exactly the plan you need?




If you're like most dieters, you've spent a lot of time, energy, and money on weight loss plans—only to have them fail you. That's because in every case, there was always a missing piece. Something that prevented you from successfully completing the puzzle—and winning.


Until Lifeline came along.


You see, Lifeline is unlike all the other programs out there.


Its unique because it takes a total approach to dieting. And it works because it maps out a plan based on your specific requirements.




Having all the tools you need to overcome dieting obstacles

A quick reference guide to eating out—healthfully

Caring phone support -available 24/7 to answer all your questions


Wouldn't this make dieting a whole lot easier?




Stop swimming against the tide...and get a connect-the-dots-easy plan that you can stick with

(and enjoy!)


Grab a hold here...




To your good health,

Julie Herckenrath, Director


PS: I almost forgot to tell you about our exclusive two-fer offer.

When you sign up for Lifeline by June 1st, you and a buddy can split the cost!

That's like getting two-fer the price of one. Sign up today—spots are limited.