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Savings Program

Subject: “You may feel a slight pinching sensation”...


Hi (First name)

Ever wonder how the average person can achieve a comfortable lifestyle—without giving up the basic necessities of life? I know I have.


In fact it's a question I've pondered hundreds of times over the years.

Yet the answer has always eluded me.


Until last week, that is, when it came to me...in the dentist's chair, of all places.

You see, while I was lying there, jacked up on Novacaine and nervous about my pending root canal, it occured to me that I could have avoided this discomfort if only I had taken care of the tooth sooner.


So what has that got to do with a comfortable lifestyle? Allow me to explain...


You see, I'm no different from anyone else. I'm human—and one of the most human tendencies is procrastination. We instinctively put off those things we believe will cause us discomfort. Like getting a root canal, confronting a nasty neighbor, or saving money.


In reality, enduring a little discomfort now will actually provide a more comfortable future. Especially when it comes to your personal savings.


I know. It's hard to stash a little each month, particularly with the esacalating cost of living. Seems there's always things to be taken care of and there's often too much month left at the end of the money. Yet we must take care of our future security—and we know better than to rely on Uncle Sam to pick up the tab. And, if that isn't scary enough- we're all getting older too!


Wouldn't you love to have a simple plan to help save more of your money?




Well now you can...with an easy and effective program called Wealthbuilder.


Designed for painless savings, the Wealthbuilder allows you to...




...and more!


Who wouldn't want that?




Have you ever stopped to consider what you spend each day on things like coffee, gum or the newspaper?


What if I could show you how to turn small amounts like these into substantial savings.


Would you be interested?




After all, no one wants to just “scrape by” after working hard their whole life. (I know I don't.)


With Wealthbuilder, you control the amount you save—and the frequency of your deposits.

Simply set up the program to withdraw funds from your regular bank account—and put your savings on auto-pilot. Best of all, Wealthbuilder allows for customization- so adjustments can be made as your needs and circumstances change--making it a truly unique savings program.


Ready to start building your wealth?




Wealthbuilder has helped millions of Americans to a more prosperous future.


Will you be next?




Julie Herckenrath, CEO- Wealthbuilder.com


PS: Did I mention that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed?

If this program does not help you to save money more easily than you ever imagined, we'll be happy to refund your money. No questions asked.