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Investment Program

Subject: “Now spin around 3 times”...


Hi (First name)


I'm sitting here chuckling as I recall a funny childhood memory of mine.


My daughter just came home from a kiddie birthday party and was showing me the prize she won at Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


I'm sure you know that age old party game where they blindfold you, spin you around and point you towards a donkey poster. The object of course, is to pin the tail on the donkey's derriere.

Or get as close to it as possible.


Thinking back to my own childhood, I recalled how I stunk at that game! How I'd get dizzy before even getting to the donkey poster. How I'd inevitably pin the tail to the curtains—or some other random location. And how my friends would howl with laughter.


Frankly, it was humiliating. I hated that I couldn't see where I was going and the feeling of being vulnerable was simply too much to bear.


If you're an investor in today's volatile stock market, you're likely feeling that same sense of disorientation-and lack of direction. After all, how can you possibly take advantage of the hottest opportunities if you're in the dark?


Truth is, the choice of investment options out there is dizzying. And, in order to make intelligent decisions, you need to see clearly. But without competent counsel—you'll likely remain in the dark.


What if I told you there is a way to make sound financial decisions—and still be able to sleep at night.


Would you want to know more?




Marketwatch was created to give peace of mind to beginning investors. We've taken the sage advice of the most seasoned investors and turned it into an easy step-by-step system that teaches you how to grow your money in the markets.


Picture yourself...


Having the confidence—and clarity of an experienced financial advisor

Learning how to make great trades—with minimal risk

Profiting from the most promising opportunities in today's volatile economy


Who wouldn't want that?





The Marketwatch newsletter is chock full of valuable information from traders who've actually worked the floor—and know how to point you towards your goals.


Inside you'll discover...


The rationale behind their choice trades

How to spot the opportunities others often miss

And how to avoid the most common (and expensive) mistakes that new traders make


What could be easier?




So ditch the blindfold.

And subscribe to Marketwatch today.


Julie Herckenrath, Trader and co-founder of Marketwatch.com


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