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Free Spirit


These are hectic times for women.

You're on the go all day-and that means you’re often pinched for time. The last thing you need to be worried about is pinched feet.

We hear you ... and we've got some welcome support!

FREE SPIRIT ACTIVEWEAR offers a complete line of comfortable pumps in all the latest styles and colors - to beautify and simplify your life.

You see, unlike other shoes, we deliver what you really want. Comfort. Each shoe is beautifully crafted from high quality, hand selected leather and features scuff resistant heels that can take even the harshest blows and bounce back beautifully.

And of course, our reputation rests on our exclusive comfort zone liner. The exquisite padding that you won’t find in any other shoe.

At any price.

Fact is, with FREE SPIRIT you’ll be able to do a little pinching yourself...
With your pennies.

Be good to your feet.


At fine footwear retailers everywhere.