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Directional Power Trading

For immediate release:


Introducing Directional Power Trading-an Online Course for Stock Market Traders


This innovative course was developed in response to an identified need for an easy to follow online system to help traders learn to profit from the markets on a consistent basis. Directional Power Trading reveals reliable, proven trading techniques that can be mastered by anyone—at their own pace.


Summerville, South Carolina April 18, 2006


Directional Power Trading is the latest brain-child of Barry Cooke, a 15 year veteran of stock market trading. The recent release of his new course has been well received by those who regularly trade in the markets.


Praised for its ease-of- use and valuable, real world advice, this unprecedented online tutorial is helping both novice and seasoned stock market investors make better, more profitable trades.


What makes this course rise to the top is the fact that it was developed by someone who actively trades in the markets; unlike the majority of trading advice - offered by those with no actual trading experience. The strategies that are outlined in the course are the exact ones that Mr. Cooke uses successfully on his own trades.


Cooke’s course is also unique in that he offers his customers a personal 30 minute consultation. The session allows them to ask questions, get advice and receive clarification on their trading decisions. Any questions arising after the initial consultation are answered via email.


Demonstrating his commitment to their success, Mr. Cooke also offers a solid performance guarantee. If, after following the system for 90 days, a trader has not realized a profit, they can request a full refund.


For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, please visit http://DirectionalPowerTrading.com