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Design Facet

Dear Marketing Manager;

Have you ever wondered how smart businesses rise above the marketing clutter to get their messages across?

Or how they manage to attract and maintain good customers?

The answer is simple… they invest in quality graphic design.

Successful companies know that great design is a powerful business builder and an important part of the marketing strategy. And they’ve discovered that utilizing high impact visual communications is an effective way to reach their best markets while creating brand awareness with their customers.

Because of its visual appeal, graphic design is memorable- and helps to convey the marketing message in a way that written communications can’t.

Isn’t it time you put this powerful marketing tool to work for you?

At Design Facet, we take pride in creating visual communications that are a unique reflection of your business.

As Design Facet’s Creative Director, Behzad Jamshidi has been exceeding client expectations for more than a decade—creating inspiring and compelling graphics for both print and online materials. So whether you need print ads or presentation folders…….manuals or menus…Design Facet can help.

Please visit our site to see what we do and the satisfied clients we work for. http://designfacet.com