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Alice McGee

For Immediate Release



Local Photographer Captures Demise of Retail Landmark


The Livonia City Hall at 33000 Civic Center Drive will be featuring the photographs of local artist Alice McGee, from June 2nd-30th, 2008.


Ms McGee's “Wonderland Goes Down” is a pictoral account of the demolition of Livonia's Wonderland Mall-a once thriving retail center. Her Floral print series will also be on display. Photos may be viewed from 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday throughout the month of June.


Alice's photographs have appeared in the Lawrence St. gallery in Ferndale and the Padzieski gallery in Dearborn.


Her collections include western themes, flowers, landscapes, old cemeteries, headstones, mannequins and a line of breathtaking photo greeting cards.


A classic “light chaser”, Alice prefers to work with film -where she captures images in color, black & white and infrared.


Her portfolio of work is ever expanding, and she continues to hone her craft through participation in workshops and photo shoots.


For more information or to book a photo session, please contact Alice McGee at: Purplealice@msn.com .

(313) 533-3399 weekdays

(734) 261-1018 evenings/weekends.